I spent 40+ years wandering through life – at first aimlessly and now at last with drive, passion, and commitment to Christ who called me out of the darkness.

My life has brought depression and healing, death and life, destruction and repair, sadness and victory – and above all else … LOVE.
And then again… LOVE.


On my blog, and in the books I am writing, I share intimately the things that have brought me so close to God that I long for even more. I pray and ask God to show you encouragement and hope and love. That makes everything I went through worth it. For it to bring Him love and glory, by touching others… that’s where my heart is.

You may have heard about my story, our family story, our miracles, our lives. If you have not, then I welcome this opportunity to share how God reached down from Heaven into our lives and hearts and changed us for eternity. Both of these stories happened inside my life among many other things that mark the kind of life that many movies are made from… a “Wow, you lived through ALL that?!” kind of life. And I say, “Yes. And the keyword is LIVED! Now I tell the story. God’s story through my life.
God called me to write this book, And I Heard Him Say…, about 10 years ago, but I knew I was to wait. I now know why, and the time to move forward with it has come. The two excerpts below share tragedy, but only to ultimately share God’s provision and grace. For we’d be nothing without Him. He’s there for us, and my life is proof of that for certain. He waited on me through my selfish, control-freaked out, New-Age-searching time of life. He held out a hand as I was drowning… I chose to grab hold. It’s all in the choice.

A Comfort That Shouldn’t Be – the story of how depression and brain disease and evil beyond imagination nearly stole my life but Grace and Love found me… God saved me, healed me, made me whole.
He Was Near Death…But Nearer to a Miracle – the miraculous God-sized night that meningitis nearly took my husband’s life. Today he lives because of God. God saved him, healed him, made him whole.

Then there was that day a year and a half ago. God spoke into my heart about a second book. “But two books at one time, God? How could I write two at once?”

I heard Him clearly so the second book has begun. Live. Learn. Love. ~Q&A for the Soul is a book about faith, unbelief, understanding … Life. And God in all.
It’s a Q&A style conversation with words of encouragement in which I dive into life questions and how God answers them, surrounded by discussion and thoughts from 50 people from around the globe ~ from EVERY single generation starting at age 18, all walks of life, all types of careers – from those amazing stay-at-home moms, to those in ministry, to students, to business owners, to craftsmen, to entrepreneurs, to working breadwinners, to those who’ve earned retirement.
Dive into the questions every person likely has at one time or another: questions about how our lives are connected on this planet and how God fits into each life.

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Live Blessed,





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