When a life is touched, a life is changed. Sometimes that life is changed so drastically that it must speak.

Going ALL IN with drive, passion, and commitment to Christ who called me out of the darkness.
My life has brought depression and healing, death and life, destruction and repair, sadness and victory.
BUT… above all else … LOVE. Because I love Him deeply, I can’t be silent about what God has called me to share.

Heather Mertens has a gift from God to gracefully pull you into her life story at a very real and humbling level. Getting to know Heather over time, I’ve had a front row seat to her pains, her struggles, her triumphs and, first and foremost, her faith. And I Heard Him Say will allow you to find yourself nodding your head and feeling the presence of God’s love and grace come to life in a very meaningful way. For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To HIM be the glory forever and ever. – Romans 11:36

– Jon DeWitt, Devotional Writer/Encourager, Sweetly Broken Follower of Jesus Christ


Heather Mertens is breaking new ground when it comes to the discussion of life, faith and what really matters…where so many have hurled their views at the “opposition” from a polarized and unloving pulpit, she is bringing together people of sundry beliefs and walks of life for a balanced and encouraging discussion on these fundamental topics, something I have never seen before and heartily applaud. Live. Learn. Love. – Q&A for the Soul promises to be a revolutionary and deeply impacting book, as Mertens unabashedly explores our most basic (and most important) life questions. I am deeply honored to be a contributor to this work, and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

– Stanton SmithBook Panel Participant



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